Green Creek Construction Update

Green Creek Construction Update

09 March 2020
Green Creek Construction Update

Illinois Fiber Connect Construction Update - Green Creek - 3/9/2020

We want YOU to stay informed on where our construction is in your neighborhood, that's why we are posting Monday construction updates for those of you wanting to know when YOU will get fiber. Our process has started with construction, once it is 100% complete we will move to installing your fiber. We are at 28% complete today which means on 70+% more to go then YOU will get to use our #FreakyFastFiber internet!

Streets/Roads with Construction Completed : 2100th, 1500th, E 2000th, 1525th, 1800th, & 1400th.

Currently Working on:1150th, 1400th, & 2000th

Construction update 3/17/2020

We are currently working 1975th, 1300th, and 1800th starting East and going West this week. 

Come back daily for periodic updates.