Construction Process

construction process

While You Wait, We Get Busy

We hear it all the time, "When will I be installed?" Building a fiber optic network takes time, most of our projects include over 200 households and we are doing multiple project areas at once. We ask that you stay patient with us because we are just as excited for you to use our service as you are!



Step 1: Engineering

To get you reliable, fast, and affordable fiber optic internet we must laying new fiber in the ground. This process means we have to do our due diligence in not only building the fiber optic network but avoiding other utilities in the ground and figuring a price point before we can start our construction. This process can take a long time and is referred to as Pre-Construction.

Our Engineers work diligently on developing a construction plan for your community and working with local authorities on permitting and other issues. 

Step 2: JULIEs

Before we can lay the fiber in the ground or bring in construction equipment such as boring machines, we have to find the existing underground utilities. Locating these utilities with flags or paint on sidewalks, streets, or even on your grass helps our construction crews when they are digging.

Step 3 & 4: Boring, Plowing, and Splicing

Even under the best of circumstances, some things can slow us down that are out of our control, such as:

Weather. We still work outside when the weather doesn’t cooperate, but sometimes it's impossible. Nearly all construction stops or slows down in bad weather, this is especially true in fiber network construction.

Daylight. We try to work as many weekends as possible but when the sun goes down we must stop, this helps you from hearing our machines and seeing bright lights all through the night.  

Step 5: Installation

Occasionally one or two homes on a street don’t get installed until weeks or months after the rest of the street is installed. This can be confusing to residents, and your patience is always appreciated. Property access, underground utilities, or unforeseen circumstances can arise which can delay your installation. We wish we could prepare for every unexpected obstacle, but sometimes there are unique conditions at a particular address that affect our ability to install your fiber internet.

Road Blocks

We can still run into roadblocks and delays though. For example:

We build out your neighborhood strategically, deploying resources where they can be put to work. Rather than having to go from street A to street B, we can build street K and then H and then Q, and then connect them as we get adjacent streets completed. This means we can bypass streets that may be temporarily inaccessible and come back to them later.

We have designed the Fiberhood sign up and construction process to maximize efficiency.

We plan in advance and coordinate with the local authorities as much as possible.

Illinois Fiber Connect will schedule the order of fiber installation based on the level of interest expressed by residents.